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The C.J. Floyd Mysteries

First of State
The Devil's Hatband
The Devil's Red Nickel
The Devil's Backbone
Resurrecting Langston Blue
The Fourth Perspective
The Mongoose Deception
Blackbird, Farewell
Astride a Pink Horse

Praise for the series

"The refreshingly eccentric cast and elaborately structured plot make for an engrossing tale." Starred review
   —Library Journal on Astride a Pink Horse (read the full review)

"The banter among the trio is light; sly humor abounds; and though the crime is awful and the motives dark, the reader will enjoy the journey to a satisfying resolution."
   —Booklist on Astride a Pink Horse (read the full review)

"Robert Greer's trademark mix of vivid eccentrics, surprising plot twists, and political edge makes this one of his most memorable thrillers."
   —Denver Books Examiner on Astride a Pink Horse

"Another fine entry in a rewarding series."
   —Booklist on Blackbird, Farewell

"Much like Les Roberts's mysteries about Cleveland, Greer's books in this series also give readers a strong sense of place (the Denver area) and a rare look at a diverse community that works together regardless of racial and economic barriers. Highly recommended." Starred review
   —Library Journal on Blackbird, Farewell

"Wow, what a great read. Read this one, you will read them all."
   —Eagle Eye Bookshop on Blackbird, Farewell

"Expertly crafted."
   —The Denver Post on The Mongoose Deception

"Greer gives the JFK killing a newish spin in a riveting story..."
   —Library Journal on The Mongoose Deception

"Intricately plotted, complex... It's a well told tale that's sure to fascinate as much as it entertains."
   — on The Mongoose Deception

"Greer layers on the complexity up to the very end, drawing deeply on Old West history and the many facets of African-American life in cowboy country to develop rich characters and plot lines."
   —Publishers Weekly on The Fourth Perspective

"[A] great, convoluted mystery, possibly Greer's best in his CJ Floyd series—it's an absorbing read filled with surprises."
   —The Denver Post on The Fourth Perspective

"Pull up a seat, perch on the edge and start reading The Fourth Perspective. If you're a mystery maven, you're going to love it."
   —The Bookworm Sez on The Fourth Perspective

"Greer remains a taut, powerful writer, and Resurrecting Langston Blue will keep you involved—and nervous."
   —The Cleveland Plain Dealer on Resurrecting Langston Blue

"This story of a long ago cover-up and its potent potential today is highly readable. Greer's timing of the reveal is commendable. I'm excited by the merging of these two sets of characters. A new beginning for Greer readers."
   —Crimespree Magazine on Resurrecting Langston Blue

"Greer has a flair for creating truly memorable characters. The best part about a CJ Floyd mystery is running down the bad guys with CJ while he's clad in his cowboy hat and gambler's vest, a cheroot between clenched teeth, burning up the streets of Denver in his two-toned '57 Bel Air."
   —The Rocky Mountain News on Resurrecting Langston Blue

"Greer treats the racial issues with great skill, never turning preachy, letting CJ, the rest of the clearly etched cast and a well-wrought story lead the way."
   —Publishers Weekly on The Devil's Backbone

"Greer has a great sense of place and a knack for fixing his colorful characters in your mind, offering an unusual background of Colorado diamond mining, the rodeo, and black life in Denver."
   —Detroit News and Free Press on The Devil's Backbone

"The Floyd series boasts an appealing African-American hero who combines toughness with charm, a wonderfully realized western setting; and perhaps best of all, a fascinating look at a particular way of life in each adventure."
   —Booklist on The Devil's Backbone

"There are other fine series set in Denver, but this one is already the class of the field."
   —Booklist on The Devil's Red Nickel

"The energy just leaps off the page... The characters are well-drawn, his scenarios compelling and evocative—think of Dashiell Hammet and Chester Himes in a pickup truck."
   —Austin Chronicle on The Devil's Red Nickel

"Jam-packed with action and characters and local color... The plot rips along so quickly, you just plunge ahead with the hope that Greer will pull it all together for you later... lively and intricate and rich in detail... one heckuva ride."
   —Mostly Murder on The Devil's Red Nickel

"Greer joins Walter Mosley in opening the mystery genre to the black experience."
   —The Rocky Mountain News on The Devil's Hatband

"Greer keeps the complex and thoroughly enjoyable plot moving right along as we travel from Denver's inner city Five Points to the Rocky Mountain high country to the University of Colorado Medical Center and a 2400-square foot research laboratory in this wonderfully rendered story."
   —The Bloomsbury Review on The Devil's Hatband

"The Devil's Hatband is woven together into a seamless whole by a skilled mystery writer who doesn't miss a trick. There is a barren and unforgiving aspect to the Rockies, an aspect that Greer deftly works in. Harsh things happen in CJ Floyds world but in the same unforgiving way he is more than up to the task of dealing with them."
   —Mystery News on The Devil's Hatband

"This is a homey, gentler novel than most, and I liked that. If you're looking for a whodunit that won't ruin the surprise with too many clues, try this. If you want a mystery with Western flair, grab this. If you've never read the Floyd books, start here. For y'all, First of State holds much promise."
   —The Washington Informer on First of State

"As in Greer's earlier books, the black Five Points neighborhood comes vibrantly alive. This is a must-read for series fans and a great introduction for others."
   —Publishers Weekly on First of State

"Greer shrewdly captures how a chance encounter can spin someone's life in a healthy direction...First of State uses the racial tensions of the era, the still-raw wounds of the Vietnam War and Five Points itself to spice up an already flavorful tale."
   —The Denver Post on First of State